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This is how we roll…


Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your first class! This is imperative so we have enough time to get you checked into class and explain a few pertinent items so you can have the best workout ever at Tone Barre! We know…traffic sucks (but seriously…), your kids pick now of all times to need something, your boss really did just walk in as you were preparing to sneak out, and your dog ate your sticky sock. Please know you run the risk of forfeiting your first class if you aren’t early as a late entry doesn’t give us time to provide injury modifications, ensure you are properly set up for class and give you all the attention you deserve!

Barre classes require sticky socks or bare feet (please no regular socks).

Cycling classes require cycle shoes. Our bikes are compatible with SPD and LOOK DELTA cleats. We do have loaner shoes available for $2 per ride but sizes are limited. We recommend always coming in hard soled athletic shoes if you plan to rent cycling shoes. If we do run out of your size we will put baskets on your pedals.

Bring water with you to class! No sweat if you forget it as we do sell some in the studio as well. :)

Complimentary towels are provided for our indoor cycling classes. Please bring your own small towel if you would like one for barre.

It’s okay to be tucking or spinning for two! We do REQUIRE a doctor’s note from all expecting clients to ensure the safety of you and baby to be. We’ve had many expecting moms participate in classes up until their due date and we offer pregnancy modifications for a safe workout throughout your pregnancy.

Wear any athletic clothing you are comfortable in! We recommend pants that fit tight around the ankles and moisture wicking fabrics

Feeling like…all this is great BUT I haven’t workout in years…? Don’t worry! There is no time like the present to start! Our classes are designed to provide an effective workout for a variety of fitness levels. We will make sure you are properly set up and explain some of the lingo prior to the start of class. The instructor will cue harder and easier options throughout class to aid in adjusting the workout to your individual level. And seriously don’t worry about what others around you are doing during class! This is your hour and your time to focus just on you!


So you might be a little smelly after class but not before! Please be aware that those around you might be allergic to perfumes and while body odor is definitely all-natural, it most likely isn’t something your neighbor wants to smell. We have complimentary anti-persperant in the bathroom for those OMG-I-forgot-deodorant type of days.

Please no tucking + texting or spinning + texting! We know the thought of being detached from your phone for an hour is super scary but we promise it’s good for the mind to unplug for a while. We do understand there is a need for some of you to keep your phone with you (you know if you fit into this category or not…small children at home, on call for work, etc.,) but please step out of class into the reception area to respond to a call or text during class.

If you need to leave class early you totally can but tell your instructor prior to the start of class so we don’t worry about you!

You may enter class up to five minutes late but beyond that we cannot have you take class for your safety and the safety of everyone else in class.

Minors must be 15 years of age (+ over 4’ 10” for cycle classes) and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for their first class.

We do not offer childcare. We believe you when you say your child will be really well behaved on an ipad during class but we still cannot have little ones in the studio during class for safety and liability reasons.


Tone Barre understands that outside of our doors life happens! For this reason, if you have made an online reservation, we will never give away your spot in class...even if you are running a few minutes late (except if it is your first class)! For your safety, if you are more than 5 minutes late to class we will be unable to have you join in. Please know you run the risk of forfeiting your first class if you aren’t early as a late entry doesn’t give us time to provide injury modifications, ensure you are properly set up for class and give you all the attention you deserve!

While we highly recommend booking a spot online prior to showing up for class you do not have to book in advance and are more than welcome to walk in for class. The only way to guarantee a spot in class is to sign up online as we do cap our classes and give priority to online bookings.

All class cancellations MUST BE DONE ONLINE TO AVOID PENALTY! We appreciate the phone calls & emails, which allow someone on the waitlist into class (good karma for sure!); however, you MUST cancel your reservation prior to the close of the cancellation window.

All weekday classes must be cancelled online 4 hours prior to the scheduled start time and all weekend classes must be cancelled online 12 hours prior to the scheduled start time. Cancellations outside of these windows are considered a “late cancel”. For every late cancel those with an unlimited package will be charged $5 and those with a package of classes will just loose the late cancelled class. All no shows (regardless of package type) will be charged $10.

If you are on the waitlist plan to attend class! Our cancellation policy applies to those automatically added into a class from the waitlist. As a courtesy, an auto email will be sent to the email address in your account (ONLY if you are opted in to receive emails) when you are added to class from the waitlist. Please note that it is your responsibility to check your status on the waitlist and cancel should you no longer plan to attend.


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